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Guide for Educators from Other States to Receive a Certificate Through Reciprocity in NJ

Are you looking to work as a New Jersey school teacher but are certified in another state? No worries! After you have prepared and finished your interview, you can apply to get your certification transferred to the State of New Jersey. You can get teaching certification reciprocity in order to work in New Jersey.

What is certification reciprocity?

Certification reciprocity allows you to transfer your out-of-state teaching certification to another state. If you completed your teacher preparation in another state, you might be eligible to receive the credit to teach in New Jersey. You can do this easily by following the proper steps and filling out the required paperwork.

If you are a nonresident teacher, New Jersey offers a number of pathways to certification depending on your educational background, your examination and experience, and whether your state provides reciprocity with New Jersey. Arizona, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Florida, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, and Nevada have signed full reciprocity agreements with New Jersey under the NASDTEC Interstate Agreement. By visiting the New Jersey Department of Education website or by calling 609-292-2070, you can explore all your options for becoming certified.

Types of Licenses

A provisional license and a standard license are the two primary levels of licensing in New Jersey. Licenses are categorized as either Provisional (temporary) or Standard (permanent). The Standard Certificate may be awarded to candidates from other states whose certificates have been issued by another state and who have demonstrated two years of experience in teaching. These qualifications must be documented by either the applicant's employer or the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards. Alternatively, you can apply through the Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing ("Traditional Route"). A valid CEAS should be achieved after completing a course that combines clinical practice with "student teaching" as part of a CEAS educator preparation program. A passing New Jersey license application must accompany a successful non-NJ license application.


A teacher from outside the state must possess a clinical practice certificate that includes student teaching in order to qualify for a Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing. This is one of the minimum requirements in order to apply for reciprocity. The National Board of Professional Teaching Standards requires candidates outside of New Jersey to possess a valid teaching license issued by another state with three of the past four years of documented teaching experience in order to obtain a Standard Certificate.

Applicants who do not have to take state-approved performance assessments are issued provisional "Certificates of Eligibility." Candidates who begin teaching outside of New Jersey in 2017-18 will not be eligible for advanced standing unless they hold the Meritorious New Teacher Candidate designation or pass an approved performance assessment. A New Jersey subject matter test must also be passed or proof must be provided that the relevant subject matter test has been passed in the state where the license is issued.

Additional reciprocity

Teaching certification is not the only reciprocity that you can receive. You can also apply for reciprocity in administration and other educational services. It is still required to have a qualifying certification in a compatible state.

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