Is my data safe with you?

All of your information and data are safe with K12JobsNJ. Our site uses highly secure encryption techniques to protect your credentials and job data.

Who uses K12JobsNJ?

New Jersey schools (including public, charter, religious, and independent) use K12JobsNJ to post job ads for their open positions. New Jersey residents and neighbors use K12JobsNJ to find all education job listings in one place.


How does it work?

Finding jobs on K12JobsNJ is effortless. You can filter your searches to find the exact position you want or browse all the jobs we have listed. Upload your resume and create an account so that you can easily view and apply to jobs. For the first peek at new job postings, you can even join our email list so we can notify you when new jobs you might be interested in are posted.

What kind of jobs can I find on K12JobsNJ?

K12JobsNJ is specialized in education jobs in the state of New Jersey. If you are looking for a career in education, there is no need to filter through all the job listings like on other sites. We have done the filtering for you.

Do I have to pay to find jobs on K12JobsNJ?

Finding jobs in the education industry is fast and free. It is free to create an account on K12JobsNJ. With your free account, you will gain access to thousands of education jobs in New Jersey and have the opportunity to subscribe to our email listing to hear about new jobs first.


How does it work?

Posting a job has never been easier. You can quickly purchase an ad spot and get your job listing shown to qualified candidates right away. Once you purchase your ad, it will be updated on our website and sent to our email subscribers.

How is K12JobsNJ different from other places where I can post jobs?

K12JobsNJ focuses on connecting talent with employers in the education industry. We specialize in education jobs so that education job seekers can find all of the New Jersey job openings in one place. That means that job seekers will find jobs faster, and employers will spend less time looking. K12JobsNJ not only helps candidates meet employers, but we also help prepare candidates with our Career Advice section. Our Career Advice section is filled with helpful information and is constantly being updated.

How do I post a job on K12JobsNJ?

Posting a job listing is easy to do. First, choose the ad plan that works best for you. Next, follow the steps to post your ad. You will be prompted to create a listing and then have a chance to preview your listing before purchasing the ad spot.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we do. For school districts that would like to use a purchase order and be billed, please email us at the name of the advertising plan that works for your district or school. We will then email you an estimate. Once you emailed us the purchase order, we will grant you access to our job board.