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Tips to know If Your Are Ready to Become an Administrator

After achieving advanced degrees which qualify you for supervisory positions in your profession, you may wonder if it is the optimum time to transition to an administrative role. Here are some questions to consider.

Have you spent enough time working as an educator ‘in the classroom’?

10 years of experience as a successful teacher is a good indication that you have strengthened leadership skills necessary to be an effective administrator. Managing your own domain within the classroom has certainly provided you with valuable experience in the realm of active listening and resolving conflicts. Your many interactions with students have deepened your awareness of the many challenges that contemporary youth are facing.

Have you made significant contributions to your school ‘outside the classroom’?

The very best Administrators distinguished themselves as teachers with various accomplishments.  Mentorship opportunities abound in the teaching profession! Teachers who honed their coaching skills by supporting novice teachers in mentorship programs are better equipped to take on an administrative role. A highly effective administrator is adept at motivating the staff to build community in order to set and attain shared goals which will benefit the students. When recalling the very best administrators, seasoned teachers are sure to point out someone who represented both teacher and student advocacy. Another accomplishment of teachers who transition to administration successfully, is their ability to design curriculum. Take advantage of curriculum -writing offers so that you will develop expertise in creating instructional programs which inspire students and engage them in the learning process. Effective instructional strategies overlap with educational leadership.

What skills have you developed to use ‘ beyond the classroom’?

Serving the community at large is beneficial for a prospective administrator. Community outreach is reflective of an individual’s commitment to service to others. Serving the community in various volunteer roles will provide you with public relations experience. As you share your knowledge and expertise with others, you will learn valuable skills that you can use in future communications with the parental community and Board of Education. Several school districts are actively searching for candidates. Be sure to upload your resume so you do not miss any upcoming opportunities school districts may have for you.

What else should you know?

If you have enough teaching experience and a master’s degree, you should obtain your certification so you can begin searching for your dream job. A popular and established program we recommend anyone interested in becoming an administrator is called NJ Excel. One last tip….remember it’s about student achievement!

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