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Tips For Writing a Great New Teacher Cover Letter

You will have numerous opportunities to impact students’ lives as a teacher. A resume and cover letter are essential documents to submit along with your application when you are interviewing for your first teaching job. Your cover letter allows you to be a desirable candidate for nearly any teaching position. Here are some tips for writing a great new teacher cover letter.

Your resume must emphasize your education and relevant work experience, while your cover letter should highlight your professional and academic highlights to justify your application. In your first-year teacher cover letter, it is essential to include:

Academic credentials 

When you are applying for your first teaching job, you might not have much professional experience, so focus on your academic credentials instead. This would be an excellent spot to include any relevant certificates you have.

Student Teaching Experience

Your experience from student teaching would be great to include. This is a fantastic way of highlighting your strengths in the classroom with your limited professional experience.

Teaching Skills and Specialties

Your cover letter is a great place to talk about the essential technical skills as a teacher. This can include classroom management and the ability to develop creative lesson plans.

Relevant Core Skills 

The perfect place to discuss your core skills is in your cover letter. Be sure to showcase your patience, organization, enthusiasm, and reliability.

Technology Experience

Technology is improving and becoming a vital tool in education. Make sure to show your potential employers that you will use it to help educate. Highlight software you know how to use and other technology you are familiar with.

Why They Should Hire You

The hiring committee is likely to read your cover letter before anything else. Let them know why you are interested in the job and why they should hire you. Having learned what to include in your cover letter, here are some tips to make your letter perfect.

1. Keep it concise

A cover letter should only be about three paragraphs, no longer than one page.

2. Use keywords

If you have qualifications mentioned explicitly in the job description, include those in your cover letter.

3. Your top skills and accomplishments should be highlighted.

Be selective in highlighting your top strengths as they relate to the job posting.

4. For every job application, customize your cover letter

Write why you want to work with that specific school and why you would be a good fit there.

5. Make it easy to read.

Use an easy-to-read font and short, concise sentences.

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