Navigating the National Teacher Shortage

Addressing the New Jersey Teacher Shortage

As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic sweeping across the nation, several shortages in food, masks, and, most importantly, teachers arose throughout the country as the disease spread throughout the nation. The state of New Jersey had been confronted with a teacher shortage long before the pandemic started. The shortage has been exacerbated due to the shortages triggered by the pandemic. There is no doubt that the teacher shortage in New Jersey is an issue that has been prevalent for quite some time now. We need to sit down and talk about how to resolve and fix the problem so we can move forward. Several important factors need to be considered when dealing with the teacher shortage in New Jersey, including what has contributed to the shortage, how it affects students, teachers, and parents, and how to alleviate the shortage. 

In order to meet the needs of New Jersey school districts, K12JobsNJ is committed to providing the best candidates for teaching positions. Keeping in mind the teacher shortage and considering how to bridge the existing gap between teaching candidates and school districts, K12JobsNJ is working to connect teaching candidates with matching school districts.

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