How to Write a Cover Letter

Whether you are looking for your first job, making a lateral move or seeking a promotion; a cover letter is an essential piece to include along with your resume. Your cover letter should be sent to Human Resources using the school or district’s address. If a person’s name or tittle has been included in the ad, use it in your salutation. Be sure to include the most current contact information on the top portion of the page. Up to date details such as your address, phone number and email correspondence provide a prospective employer with the ability to reach out to you and set up an interview.

 Now back to the cover letter! In the first paragraph introduce yourself, and provide a clear explanation of your interest in the particular position to which you are applying. It is recommended that you research the district in order to highlight a program or initiative that impressed you about their school community. The effort that it takes for you to seek out and reference a special feature of the district reveals to the prospective employer that you may be a ‘good fit’ for the position.

Your cover letter should include your education background, relevant work experience, notable skills, and data driven accomplishments or awards. It is also very important that you highlight personal qualities and strengths which pertain to the position that you are seeking. Be sure that all of the information in your cover letter is factual and can be verified. False claims could result in your dismissal even after you’ve been hired. Be honest.

Your cover letter should be 1 page only, double- spaced using Times New Roman font; size twelve with 1 inch margins. In the conclusion of your cover letter, thank your prospective employer for considering your candidacy. Be sure to use formal language in your letter. It should be free of any grammatical or spelling errors. Ask someone you trust to proofread your cover letter to make sure it is error free. Your cover letter is your opportunity to make a favorable first impression on a potential employer.

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