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How to Stay Up to Date With Education Trends and Technology

Technology continues to advance daily, and new tools to use inside the classroom come with that. This technology can sometimes be confusing to work with and often deters teachers from using it. Technology can support instruction in the classroom and lead to a better education when used correctly. Technology no longer has to be a scary, mysterious classroom tool. Here are some tips to help you stay up to date with education trends and technology 

Set goals

By analyzing your progress and seeing where you need more help, you will be able to find ways to use technology to your advantage. Once you have goals of where you want to be, you can find ways to use technology to help get you there. Technology does not work by itself, so you need to find ways to use it to meet your goals. For example, you can use laptops or iPads in the classroom for students to work on assignments. 

Follow people that share the latest technology.

Online is one of the best ways to receive current information about education trends and technology. There are a lot of educators out there that are sharing their experiences and techniques online. The internet is vast and can provide you with many ways to use technology in the classroom. This is a great way to stay connected and up on the latest technological advancements. 

Keep things fun 

Usually, playing video games in class is not allowed. What happens when you are able to incorporate learning into playing video games? Students are more likely to pay attention to the lesson and have fun while learning. Incorporating video games into learning allows you to relate to students and build a closer bond with them. This also helps with classroom management because you can use this as a privilege to earn. 

Get Creative 

With all of the technological advances, the traditional teaching method is getting a makeover. Use technology creatively in order to get the most use from it. You can do this by posting lessons online, creating a blog, or even creating your own app. The options are endless, and you can get ideas online or from other educators in your circle. You can also ask your students how technology might help them. Opening the communication up will help your students feel more comfortable in class and encourages them to participate. 

Analyze the support offered by the school

Technology is only sometimes affordable. The start-up costs can be high. Consider how your school district is offering support in the classroom. Many school districts are already providing technology for use in the classroom. What does this look like for you, and how can you use it to support your teaching best? Consider what devices your district provides, internet, policies, or mentorship. If your school district does not offer what you need, consider bringing this to their attention or brainstorm ways that you can get it yourself. 

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