How to Prepare for Your Interview

You applied for a teaching job in New Jersey, and your interview has been scheduled. How do you prepare for it? First, do some research to learn more about the school district in order to highlight the value you can add to their workforce. Prepare by writing potential questions on index cards, and rehearse with someone in a ‘mock interview’ format as practice.

Getting nervous during the interview is normal, but being unprepared for it is a guarantee that you will not be selected for the next round. Good preparation on your part enhances your chance of being recommended for a final interview with the Director of Human Resources and/or the Superintendent.

Remember the quote from Benjamin Franklin: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

Avoid the mistake of not wearing appropriate attire. It is advisable to attend the job interview in more formal, rather than casual clothes. You should also make eye contact and smile at the interviewer or committee members. Remember, to answer all questions in a concise, professional and direct manner.

Finally, be sure you have a few questions of your own to ask because that strategy affirms your enthusiasm for and interest in the position that you are hoping to obtain. Once advantage our website offers candidates is the ability to upload your resume for free. Let employers search for you, too. Remember, It’s about finding the right fit.