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How to Make a Great First Impression at Your First Interview

Interviewing for your dream job can be frightening. Nerves before an interview are entirely normal. There is no need to stress out about your big day! These tips will help you make a great first impression at your first job interview.   

Before the interview

1. Practice

Practice makes perfect, and it also eases your nerves. Before the interview, find some interview questions that are frequently asked for your particular job interview. You can even have a mock interview with a friend. Doing this can help you feel more prepared

2. Research the school or school district before the interview

Before the interview, do a little research on the school district or school to understand what to expect. This will give you insight into their beliefs, values, and what type of employee they may be seeking. This is also a perfect time to ensure that this employer is a good fit for you. 

3. Review the job posting

It is essential to know what job you are interviewing for. Take this time to get familiar with the job listing and all the qualifications and duties. You can ask questions about it in the interview or even use the listing to share how you are qualified for the job. 

Getting Ready for your interview 

4. Dress for success

A potential employer notices how you look the first time they interview you. Make sure to be clean, neat, and professionally dressed. For interviews, it is safer to dress professionally no matter what the job is. 

5. Get plenty of sleep

No one performs their best on zero sleep. Try to sleep well the night before an important job interview. When you get to sleep, your brain processes faster, and you will be in a better mood overall. 

During the interview

6. Take a deep breath

Do not forget to breathe. During the interview, being anxious is a possibility. Just remind yourself that you are prepared, and you are going to rock this interview. 

7. Smile and hold eye contact 

During an interview, it is important to hold eye contact and smile. This can be a tricky thing to do because too much smiling and eye contact can seem weird. Try smiling and maintaining eye contact initially during introductions and then throughout the interview.

8. Show enthusiasm

When you are interviewing, make sure that you sound interested in the job and the district or school. Enthusiasm will help show interviewers that you want to work there. Employers are not looking to hire someone that does not want to work there.

9. Share a story 

Do not just tell the interviewer your qualifications; share stories about times that your skills have been used. Anyone can say that they are qualified for a job, but only those that are qualified can prove it.

After the interview

10. Send a follow-up email 

Send a follow-up email if you want to stand out from all the other candidates. Doing this shows the interviewers that you care about this opportunity, and it gives you a chance to thank the interviewer and remind them why you are the perfect candidate for the job.

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