How to Improve Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Is there diversity in your school district? School Districts with a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) report increased revenue, better innovation readiness, and better retention rates. It's not only about hiring women, BIPOCs, non-binary employees, or neurodiverse individuals who can improve diversity and inclusion in your school district. Keeping diverse employees engaged, empowered, and trusted is key to integrating diversity into your organization.

Make DEIB a priority

It does not mean anything to say that your school district is diverse and equal; you must implement it. By making it a priority, you genuinely act to make your school more inclusive. Often employers will use diversity to get people to come to their school or make money. It has to be more than that. If you are advertising diversity, it has to be for the right reasons, or else people will see through that and know that your school district is not inclusive. 

Review pay gaps

A school district can not be diverse, equal, or inclusive if the pay rates are not the same for each occupation and education level. There are often minorities such as women and people of color that are getting paid less than their equal majority groups. If there is a clear favor toward a specific group regarding pay, then you can not be inclusive to all; therefore, you can not say that you are inclusive. 

Implement mentorship programs

Different hurdles exist when there is diversity, so teaching people how to address concerns and treatment appropriately is essential. In a workplace with a lot of diversity, it is necessary to include mentorship programs. The programs can teach cultural sensitivity and open up conversations about diversity. 

Include diversity in leadership positions

When diversity exists in or at your school districts, it also needs to exist higher up in places like the school board. Diversity in leadership helps guide others and encourages people who once would not have had a chance to lead. It is also important to have different viewpoints and representations in leadership. This ensures that your school is able to thrive with new ideas and perspectives. 

Hold your leaders accountable

No one is perfect, so mistakes are guaranteed to be made along the way. Hold leaders accountable for their actions. It is important to have a school district that is inclusive to all in order to have a healthy environment in which to grow. If someone is not being accommodated by your staff, call them out on it. Be respectful while doing so and give them ways that they can improve on it. Discrimination should not be allowed in your district, and your leadership should reflect that. 

Access school policies

Does your district have policies to protect those that are different? At the bare minimum, your school district should not allow others to be discriminated against. Make sure that this is clear to all employees. 

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