Guide to a Highly Effective Demo Lesson

So you aced your teaching interview, and it is now time to advance to the next step: the demo lesson. In the teacher hiring process, your demo lesson shows your potential school district all of your strengths as a teacher.

What is a demo lesson?

During an interview, a demo lesson is delivered to a committee of interviewees or a group of students. It could range in time, from 15 minutes to an hour, and sometimes you will have time to debrief afterward. The demo lesson plan will differ from school district to school district. You may receive a lesson plan or create your own based on a specific skill, topic, or personal preference. Here are some tips for a highly effective demo lesson.


Preparation is one of the most important things you could do for your demo lesson. Read over and plan your lesson in advance to make sure you are prepared for the day of. Another way to set yourself up for success is to prepare teaching materials. This can be anything to make your lesson more fun and engaging for the students. If you are looking for ideas, you can find some from the New Jersey Department of Education. It would also be helpful to prepare all of the materials and tools that you will need for your demo lesson plan. Think about all of the materials you would need (dry erase markers, erasers, paper, etc.) and have it prepared the night before.


Practice makes perfect, or in this case, eases your nerves and sets you up to perform at your highest potential. When you practice your lesson plan, pay attention to timing. It is important to not go over time but also not fall short. Aim for thoroughly going over the lesson with time to spare. It is easier to add extension activities rather than run out of time.

Interact with students

It is essential to show that you can manage a classroom. This can include having paired activities, timers, or switching activities. When you do this, you want to have the students in mind and transition without causing chaos. Make sure to keep the students interested in the lesson and allow them to participate in discussion and activities.

When you combine these tips on acing your demo lesson with your skills as a teacher, you are sure to impress the hiring committee.

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