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Guide to a Great Resume for School Administrators and Supervisors

Are you looking to become a school administrator or a supervisor? There is often a lot of interest in those positions, so it is essential that you have a great resume. All resumes need your basic information, like your name, contact information, education, and work experience. In order to stand out from the crowd, try incorporating these sections to showcase your ability to do well as a school administrator or supervisor

Experience as a Leader

Your application is for a role in which you would be leading others. It is essential to show the hiring committee that you have experience doing that. Creating a leadership section on your resume will allow the interviewers to quickly find the important stuff they need to know. This section is where you can highlight leadership experiences you have acquired, such as seminars on leadership, committees you’ve served on or managed, school-wide coordinator roles, and district planning roles.

Licensure and Certification

If you are applying for one of these roles, you should include a list of your licenses or certifications. Often these roles require different licensure or certifications, so it is essential to let the hiring committee know that you are qualified for the job. An excellent place for this would be in or near your education section with the date you received or renewed. Place it at the top of your resume so that they can quickly see that you are eligible, and your resume will not risk being thrown in the discard pile.

Educator Experience

Educator experience is a key qualification for an administrator or supervisor position. An influential part of your resume includes how you have helped students in the past and aspects of teaching that will help you in your role as an administrator or supervisor. This section can consist of your education techniques, participation in education teams, and your measurable results.

Participation in Professional Development and Membership

It is beneficial to highlight your professional development for this type of resume since you will likely be leading training programs for your teaching staff. We encourage you to discuss training you have led, conferences you have attended, and professional associations you belong to.

These are all important aspects of your resume to showcase your ability to be an excellent pick for the job. Be sure to add all relevant information regarding education and leadership. If you are unsure if something can be included, think about how that experience has prepared you for a school administrator or supervisor role. Writing a resume is challenging, but the resume will stay relevant and effective with these sections.

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