Cover Letter Guide for a School Administrator or Supervisor Position

Are you looking to apply for a school administrator or supervisor position? Discover what specific information you need to include in a cover letter for an administrator or supervisor position as you continue reading. You can do many things to your resume and cover letter to help make it stand out from everyone else’s. 

What does the cover letter do? 

Cover letters serve the purpose of getting you into the “definitely interview” pile.

Without a successful cover letter, the whole process comes to an end. If you don’t write one, you’re out.

Understanding the purpose of your cover letter is essential to writing one that is effective. Cover letters are NOT intended to:

  • State that you exist and that you are interested in the job
  • A comprehensive reiteration of your resume 
  • A statement that you meet the minimum legal requirements

Reviewers aren’t given any helpful information in cover letters that only cover the basics. If the cover letter does its job poorly, you fail to get hired. Listed below are some key topics you should cover in your cover letter: 

1. Sell yourself

One of the most valuable ways to use a cover letter is to sell yourself! You want to put all of your best qualities in this cover letter so that the reviewer sees this right away. 

2. Demonstrate your passion for education

Because you are applying to a school administrator or supervisor position, it is crucial that you are passionate about education. In a cover letter, you get more space to express yourself, and you have a chance to be creative. Show them that you are passionate about what you do! Do not tell them.

3. Customize your letter to the specific job opening

Reviewers can tell when you give them a generic cover letter and resume. Take an extra few minutes to go through your cover letter and update or add information to be more specific to the job you are applying for. For example, switching out a story that showed your leadership with teens for one that shows your leadership with teachers might be better for a school supervisor rather than a principal. 

4. Showcase your leadership skills

Your resume will tell the reviewer what your skills are. Your cover letter is where you can quickly show off some of your leadership skills. A helpful tip is to use an experience that showcases several skills simultaneously rather than several different stories. 

5. Proofread your cover letter

It is essential to proofread your cover letter. This is the first impression that future employers will receive from you. If you have any typos or errors, this will look bad on you. Try having trusted friends or family members read your cover letter. They can help spot errors as well as make sure it sounds good. 

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