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10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Quit Teaching

Being a teacher requires a lot of time and work. In the news, we hear about the teacher shortage, teachers not being paid enough, and teachers being given heavy workloads. There is a lot of negativity around the teaching profession in the news, making it difficult to see why teaching is a profession worth pursuing. Do not let the news scare you; teaching is not all bad. This article will discuss ten reasons why you should NOT quit teaching. 

1- Positive impacts on students

Teachers have the ability to have a positive impact on students. Think back to your favorite teacher you had growing up and their impact on your life. By being a teacher, you have the opportunity to positively impact students that may not have had that experience without you. 

2- Making a difference 

Teachers help students learn and grow into the people that will be running the future. You can play a role in building the future through your students. You can also make a difference by being a safe place for students to learn and flourish. 

3- Summer Vacation

Another positive aspect of being a teacher is the schedule. You are guaranteed weekends and some holidays off. This is great for a work-life balance and also for going on vacations. It might require you to do some budget planning, but then you get the summer off to do fun stuff and work on your mental health. 

4- Job Stability

Teaching is a job that is always going to be there. This is a very stable job to have, so it is excellent if you are looking for stability in your work life. 

5- Variety 

Teaching might be stable, but it is not predictable. Working with students guarantees that there is never a dull moment in your days. You'll be entertained by all the funny stories your students share and the work they are doing right now. 

6- Always Learning

Teachers are also constantly learning. Just because you teach does not mean that the learning stops. Whether it's learning from your students, colleagues, or extra teaching courses. Learning never stops and is easily accessible to you as a teacher. 

7- Leadership opportunities

Teaching is a great career because there are leadership opportunities. If you are interested in that, you can eventually work your way up to a higher role within the education field. This can include roles like Principal or Superintendent. 

8- Second family 

When you are teaching at a school that works for you, you will most likely build bonds with fellow teachers and school colleagues. This creates a 2nd family at work, makes it more comfortable to work, and is great for long-term teaching relationships. 

9- Innovation

There are lots of changes happening in the teaching world that will enhance education. You can be at the forefront of innovation within the education industry. This is where creativity can come in handy with learning new ways to help students in the classroom. 

10- You love your job

The number one reason not to quit teaching is that you love to do it. Teaching benefits are enhanced when you love what you are doing. 

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